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thank you for entering Haifisha website. Reading the introduction page will help you to understand its concept and content.

Back in 2016, when I just moved to Haifa the lack of active social life due to limited or almost no Hebrew made my first days very isolating and lonely.

I joined English speaking community groups I found on social media pages. I found them heavily loaded with marketing trash, adverts of apartments for rent, second-hand houseware and fast cash earning opportunities for immigrants, in particular, olim hadashim.

I invested my free time, searched information, networked, followed interesting groups and organizations, filtered a lot of trash and managed to find great seminars, conferences, volunteering activities, courses, and clubs. These events were friendly for English speakers, whose agenda was beyond surviving mood common to most new immigrants in Israel.

I started to collect and share these announcements in my Facebook page, that I called Haifisha, that comes from a fusion of three words – Haifa (a town where I live) + афиша (in Russian it is a billboard) + אישה (woman in Hebrew). The page gradually grew with organic followers and organizations that regularly share their events.

I created “Haifisha” as a webpage for English speakers, who want to have regular updates about social events around Haifa and area that are friendly for English speakers. Now no need to spend time browsing and searching dozens of pages. Haifisha readers will get all the updates in one place.

I call events and places “English speakers friendly” to show that they would not always be entirely in English, but organizers or participants would be using English so that restricted Hebrew would not make a newcomer feel like an outsider.

Whether you are a new immigrant, ola hadasha, expat, tourist on a short visit or business traveler, Haifisha is here to make your stay full of meaningful social connections, exciting encounters with locals and great learning experiences even if your Hebrew is limited.

All the best,

Nadia Katzir

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