Tripping in Israel: locals share unique travel spots

I want to recommend you a new and growing Facebook group “Tripping in Israel” for English speakers, who would like to find unique holiday spots in Israel.

When you see descriptions of places, photos put out by group members, you keep thinking – wow, is this all happening in our small Israel?!

Waterside huts, kayaking, camping in teepees, Judea desert, candy making, chocolate factories, graffiti quests, waterfalls, national parks, you name it. One has to think out of the box to find those places and more, to organize these activities to cover the rising demand in internal travelling due to our current circumstances. Kol hakavod!  

You won’t find in this group those highly advertised cliche touristic attractions. Instead, you will read stories of local tourists who found original spots, discovered and recommended by local tourists, who travel as families, couples and groups.

Here are examples of the unique places the internal travellers found this summer. 

Chai Negev Eco Site

Located in: Kibbutz Revivim Ramat Negev, Beersheba Israel

Chai Negev is an Ecological village built entirely out of the mud. It has a desert zoological garden with a variety of animals allowed for petting and feeding. The site provides visitors with unique buildings made of natural materials – native Americans tipis, yurts (traditional Kazakh tents), huts. 

Visitor recommendation: 

Maryon from Tripping Israel FB group: 

“Another top recommendation is for חאן חיי הנגב next to revivim. We slept in teepees, but there are many other options, including air-conditioned apartments. By the way, teepees are also air conditioners. Simple breakfast included where you get to make your pitot. These places are perfect for corona times and are also great fun”.  

Check Website here.

Etgar-Bahar Rope Park 

Location: Sasa kibbutz in the Upper Galilee 

Etgar-bahar Rope Park is located in a beautiful pine forest in Kibbutz Sasa overlooking the breathtaking view of the Galilee Mountains and Lebanon. The park has been built according to high European standards using professional equipment and recycled wood. 

Visitor recommendations: 

Adina at TripAdvisor: 

“Super well thought out and well run establishment, offering empowering, challenging physical ropes course activity, in a mostly shady, self-contained area, with separate courses for older and younger kids. Lots of staff on hand to help and guide where necessary, but not in-your-face, so kids felt like they were facing the ropes challenges on their own. Our group ranged from 75 down to 3.5, and teen kids reported that once they got the hang of it “it wasn’t scary, it was *hard*- but in a good way!” (aged 17, 14, 12), little kids course was perfect for three yo. Plenty of shade and cool mountain breeze for adults”.

Tracy at Tripping Israel FB Group: 

“We spent the morning at Kibbutz Sasa, climbing the adventure ropes. First time I’ve seen anything close to rope climbing in Europe. Our six year old went on the small trail. She’s done parks in Europe, and it was quite easy for her but great fun. Our 8 and 10-year-olds did the medium and high trail – both have made similar trails before, and they had an absolute ball. It was challenging but fantastic fun. Everyone did the climbing wall, and the omega at the end – 12 meters in the air, not too scary but they loved it. Regular prices are 100 shekels per person. We got vouchers at our hotel, which dramatically reduced the price, and I believe Groo and HiTech Zone also offer good deals so watch out for those. It gets hot so go early. They ask you to book upfront so they can limit numbers and people were respectful about wearing masks, plenty of taps, soap and alcogel. They have highly recommended 2-hour adventure”. 

Check website here.

Creative Graffiti Tours 

Location: Tel Aviv 

The tours are organized by Yael Aisenthal, London born and raised photographer and graphic designer.  

The tours take place in the Florentine neighbourhood of Tel Aviv and combine photography, art, travel, design. “I am most proud of the graffiti tours because of the discussions they evoke on the street as we interpret and analyze the graffiti. The graffiti tour is ideal for igniting curiosity in children too. As a mother of four children, I have a keen and deep understanding of how to tap into children’s creativity – and the graffiti tour is not only educational and fascinating for children, it taps into their creative spirit and broadens their thinking and imagination”, says Yael about her project. 

Visitor recommendations: 

Miriam from Tripping in Israel FB group:  

“I have to recommend the most wonderful family, Corona- friendly activity I’ve done this summer. Yael has created a self-guided graffiti challenge/hunt in נחלת בנימין using an app you can download. It’s interactive and has cool tech elements. You can play in teams or as one group. My kids loved it and asked to repeat it, which we intend to do. We’ve done her other graffiti tours, and this was our favourite!”

Check website here.

You will find plenty of authentic recommendations and reviews of great places to travel locally at Tripping Israel Facebook group here.

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