Tripping in Israel: list of kayaking/rafting places in the north

By Jodi Hurwitz

There have been lots of questions about kayaking in the north so I decided to do a summary for you of all the options for Kayaking/Rafting in the North. Most are either on the Jordan river or the Hasbani River. Some places have other activities like Omegas, rope parks and climbing walls to mention a few. Some notes before we start:

1) Most of these options are cheaper if booked online/via telephone compared to in person.

2) You should be expecting to pay around 50-60 nis per person for about an hour and a half journey (sometimes more for rafting)

3) There are sometimes discounts in groups such as Hightech zone, Cupanofesh, Groupon, Leumicard etc so check those before you go

4) Check what ages are allowed. Some places only allow above

5). Rob Roy allows for smaller ages

List of Kayaking/Rafting places in the north

Kfar Bloom

Rob Roy

Jordan River rafting



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