The state of Israel started to pay one time grants to all citizens

The state of Israel started to pay one time grants – NIS750N – to all citizens as part of COVID economic crisis management program.

Who is eligible to receive the grant?

An Israeli resident born until June 30, 2002 – will receive a grant of NIS 750, if his 2019 income was below NIS 649,560 (or 641,880 for 2018 if his income for 2019 is not declared yet). If his annual income exceeds that sum – he will not be entitled to a grant, but will nevertheless be entitled to a grant for children. Check the grant details in English here.

The grant will be paid into your bank account as shown in the records of the National Insurance Institute.

Those who don’t have any bank account registered in Bituach Leumi, need to update a bank account on the website.

Many choose to donate this money to local charities or spend to support local small businesses who suffered from lockdown.

Haifisha supports small businesses and NGOs in Haifa.

We are asking you to donate money to a local charity – Yad Ezer LaHaver, that helps Holocaust survivors and underprivileged population in the Hadar area.

Use this link to donate money online! You can also send the cheque directly to the organization. Please contact the NGO for more information: 6, Kassel St, Haifa; +972 48666988,

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