The Rosh Hashana gifts you can buy to support Israeli small businesses

In less than two weeks, Jews in Israel and across the world will be celebrating Rosh Hashana,  the Jewish New Year (5781). 

With the recent government released numbers on corona cases in Israel, it seems even the most optimistic small businesses are losing their hopes for an active high holiday season. 

Last Wednesday, on one single day, the COVID-19 tests revealed a new record high of infected people for the country. That number has only increased since last week.  This will lead to the “closing down” of 30 “red” cities. 

This goes without mentioning the closed borders to foreign tourists, who made up most of the shopping at local souvenir and ‘holy land’ gift businesses. It seems a desperate situation all around, even for those who sell their products online. 

Just recently, I came across a post in an Israeli community Facebook group. An entrepreneur wrote that one of the software companies in Israel – Intuit is inviting small businesses to be included in their Rosh Hashana gift list. This holiday, Inuit employers decided to buy their corporate gifts from local small businesses as an act of support. 

What a great idea! Thoughtful, practical, meaningful and an absolute win-win approach for all, I think. In this way, these English speaking online groups are just amazing. Though one would expect aggressive advertising as it is a common practice in many places in social media, there is a strong sense of community and quality networking. Entrepreneurs network, share, exchange, learn and cooperate. 

This inspired me to collect my list of Israeli made Rosh Hashana gifts. I know these businesses by following their social media and purchasing gifts for my friends and relatives abroad. Their creativity, will-power and positivity inspire me so much. Indeed as the saying goes, in helping others, you help yourself— a very timely reminder during corona madness here in Israel and around the world. Of course, I also happen to love the quality of these products and services. 

I hope these beautiful and tempting items are able to attract the same positive minds and souls as the entrepreneurs that made them. 

Shana Tova, Happy New Year from Israel. 

1. Einat Sandberg Jewelry.

A story of Israel, love, beauty and intimate connection.

Einat Sandberg, owner and designer, about herself and her business: 

“For over a decade, I have been mastering crochet wire jewellery from my studio at Mount Carmel, overlooking Haifa Bay, the Galilee Mountains, the Nazareth Mountains, Mount Hermon and the Medditarrennen Sea. I get inspired by Judaica, Israel’s flora and fauna, Israeli art, culture and Bible. It is a celebration of elegance, inner power and love of art. Every piece that you buy at Einat Sandberg Jewelry is more than just a piece of gold and gemstone. It is a story of Israel, love, beauty and intimate connection.

Photo via Einat Sandberg

Jewelry collection: bridal necklaces, earrings,  bracelets; necklaces with gemstones, Judaica and Israel symbols, elegant earring with pearls; all made in crochet technology. 

Photo via Einat Sandberg

Where to shop: Etsy shop or directly from the owner’s studio in Haifa by contacting her on her Facebook page.

2. Yoffi ‒ The Flavor of Israel.

Unique Gifts from Israel

The Mayofis family, the owners and founders about their business and their products: 

“Our story is a story of the repatriation to Israel of a big family, with the word “yoffi” part of our name. We moved to this country, fell in love with it and decided to show our love with these premium-class products created using authentic Israeli flavors. All of our products are kosher (pareve) and are incredibly popular amongst vegetarians and vegans. We use only natural ingredients, so there are no added preservatives, food colorings or artificial flavorings. What makes our food taste unique is that it is produced locally by our partners – small businesses, who use age-old recipes passed across generations.”

Photo via Arkadiy Mayofis

Gifts collection: honey, herbal teas, products made with dates and tahinis and many more. 

Photo via Arkadiy Mayofis

Where to shop: online shop at or for direct orders call at: +(972) 9-951-8877 (for corporate clients). 

3. Calendar – A year in the Garden.

It is about seeds and dreams. 

Ilana Stein, founder and gardener about herself and her business: 

“I am an artist and gardening expert. Calendar “A Year in the Garden” is the first project in which I’ve combined my 4 professional skills — foraging; cooking; agriculture; and illustrating. ​I believe that with this calendar you can deepen the knowledge of each and every one of us with the seasons and abundance available to us all from Mother Earth”

Photo via Ilana Stein

Product: A hand-illustrated Jewish calendar,  that serves as a detailed monthly guide to home gardening in Israel and other places with a Mediterranean climate.

Photo via Ilana Stein

Where to shop: online shop at or directly contact the owner on her Facebook page.  

4. My Israel Wine Tours.

Cultural tour in Jaffo and Tel Aviv. 

Amir Katz, founder, sommelier and tour guide about his business and tours: 

“A native English speaker and sommelier with years of experience in guiding tours all over Israel. Born in Boston to a family of wine connoisseurs, my knowledge comes from over a decade of running wine tours in Israel, especially when it comes to local vineyards. Finding ourselves so vulnerable has been scary and yet, it’s inspiring to see so many people supporting each other in new ways.  Though tourism is dormant at the moment, this downtime has given me the chance to stop, reflect & make time for my family and for you, my friends, followers, and future colleagues”

Photo via Amir Katz

Tours: ‘Walking with Wine-Jaffa’ or ‘Walking with Wine-Tel Aviv’ include: a professional guide and sommelier, tasting of three wines, light snacks with the wine, workshop and presentation in a wine cellar or a prestigious wine store, three-hour tour from the meeting point. Amir and his team can also organize boutique corporate events with exclusive wine tasting for gourmands.   

Photo via Amir Katz

Where to book: online at or contact him on his Facebook page. 

A single purchase of a gift for this Rosh HaShana can save our ability to believe in community cooperation and little miracles! Wishing you a Happy Rosh HaShana and a very lucky shopping! 

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