The Best Second-Hand Bookshops in Haifa

Happily, the digital age did not cancel traditional books with paper pages and hardcover. There are still people, who like to read books in print and in abundance. I believe, those, who love reading traditional books, keep the printing business on the float.

New print book in popular Israeli bookstore Steimatzky costs from 59 NIS, which is 6 cups of good cappuccino. At the same time, the digital version of the book can start from 10 NIS. But money should not be an issue to stop you from reading, which is why there are shops, where you can buy used versions.

Buying used books is not only financially beneficial but also it can be very exciting. You never know what kind of books you will find at the flea market or second-hand shops, where you can find used ones. Sometimes second-hand books have funny notes inside or smell like childhood. Recycling books is good for the environment and soul. It can help the local community that usually spends the money from selling the books for kind causes.

Here are 4 great second-hand bookshops worth checking out in Haifa.

  • Sipur Hozer at 68, Hatzmaut St. (Hebrew – סיפור חוזר -recurring story)

“Sipur Hozer” is a community bookstore chain that serves as a training center for people with mental difficulties. The center helps their rehabilitation by creating meaningful work in the community. Haifa branch is one of 12 bookstores operating throughout Israel, including Be’er Sheva, Ashkelon, Rehovot, Jerusalem, Lod, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Hadera, Kfar Saba, and Acre. The store has café, library and regularly holds events for the public, such as lecturers, meeting with authors or family events. You can buy a book for 20 NIS or get the discount price – 10 books for 100 NIS. There is also the possibility to bring your used books in good condition and exchange them into something you haven’t read yet. More information available here. 

Open hours:

08:30-19:30 Sunday-Thursday

08:30-13:00 Friday

Telephone: 03-5341400

  • The Yudan Books at 16, Horev Str.

Yudan Books is located in Mercaz Carmel just opposite to the Horev shopping mall. This is actually a book corner, which is on the ground floor of the Yudan convenience store, that sells the newspaper, stationery, basic household, and electrical items. There is a great selection of temporary literature in English and Hebrew. The collection is regularly updated by readers, who bring back the books they bought here and have finished. You can sell back the books you bought and read if they are in good condition. The shop mainly specializes in fiction.

Open hours:

08:30-20:00 Sunday-Thursday

  • The Goldmond  Books at 32, Masada Str.

“Goldmond Books” is located in Hadar neighborhood in Haifa. The founder and owner of the shop  – Eyal Levkovich, started his business as a young student back in 2007, when he started to sell used books in the university campus. Having felt the positive vibe of the business, after a year he moved to Massada street, where the shop still exists. Today the shop has a selection of 15 thousand books in Hebrew and English. Store prices are significantly lower than those of most of the bookstores in Israel. The shop can deliver books to any corner of the world and can search for books at the client’s request. For more details contact the shop Facebook page here.  The shop regularly updates about new arrivals and bargains at its social media.

Open hours:

10:00-17:30 Sunday-Thursday

10:00-15:00 Friday

Telephone: 04-862-2472

  • Moby Dick (Hebrew – מובי דיק) at 9, Masada Str.

The shop is also located at Masada street, known for its lane of cafes and small shops with an artistic atmosphere. The shop’s history goes back to 1980s. It is praised for great customer service and for helping to find rare books. Customers note its warm and sweet atmosphere.

Open hours:

10:30-17:30 Sunday-Thursday

10:00-15:00 Friday

The shop usually closes later, check in advance.

Check shop’s Facebook page for regular updates, new arrivals and bargains here. 

Telephone: 04-870-5533

  • Book Trading (Hebrew – מסחר הספר) at 31, Hahalutz Str.

    The shop is famous for finding great rare examples and great customer service.

Opening hours: to be asked by telephone 04-862-8540

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