Visit Haifa Organizations: Arab-Jewish Cultural Center Beit Ha’Gefen

Beit Ha’Gefen, an Arab-Jewish center founded in 1963 as a pioneer in the field of intercultural dialogue, is a nonprofit organization that strives to establish equalitarian and shared spaces that contain the diversity of identities and cultures in Israel and worldwide. The center is a key player in instilling the intercultural attitude and constructing a shared society and leads social and community-centered processes in the spirit of democratic values while providing tools for dealing with the complex issues inherent to a society comprised of many cultures.

Beit Ha’Gefen is active in the fields of culture, art, education, and tourism while maintaining a connection with the community and constantly expanding the circles of collaborations with institutions that strive to promote similar goals in Israel and worldwide. Our activity is based on the conviction that an encounter and an interpersonal familiarity with another culture – its stories, cultural and spiritual assets, are essential for breaking down barriers and building trust between the different national and religious groups living in Haifa and in Israel.

Beit Ha’Gefen’s professional team has extensive experience in developing and implementing programs that engage with intercultural dialogue for a broad range of audiences. Beit Ha’Gefen creates diverse projects with the different disciplines in which it operates: theater, library, youth club, women and girls empowerment, culture, music, and more.


Hagefen St. 2, Haifa
Main Building: 04-8525252
Fax: 04-8529166
Library: 04-8512444
Theater: 04-8515133

More info about upcoming events of the center – here. 

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