October 15 – Healing Ink event at Haifa museum of art

Healing Ink helps survivors of terrorism and violence heal through the art of tattooing. In Israel, Healing Ink provides free tattoos for those who have been injured in terror attacks, families of the deceased or heroes of the IDF, helping them reclaim their bodies and continue healing both physically and emotionally.

To register for the event, please, follow the link. 

When: Thursday, 25.10.18, 16:00
Address: 26 Shabbetai Levi Street, Haifa, 3304331

About the organizer

Healing Ink is the only organization in the world pledged to utilize the power of tattoos to ease the physical and emotional pain caused by war and terrorism.

Started in 2016, Healing Ink brought 8 artists to Israel where they tattooed 25 conflict survivors both inside the Israel Museum and at the scene of a deadly shooting in Tel Aviv, we changed lives, opened perceptions, and saw the need and ability to expand this idea across the globe. For more information visit the organizations’ webpage.

We have traveled the world and seen the unifying force of tattooing and see its power to heal. Since we cannot prevent the causes of conflict, all we can do is offer survivors a new way to look at themselves and present themselves to others. We can give them the knowledge that they are cared for and that the permanent, powerful mark of a tattoo has helped them reclaim their body and, once again, feel comfortable in their own skin.


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