Meet People of the North: Polina Maizel, Aromatherapist, Wellness Coach

Polina Maizel is an immigrant from St. Petersburg, Russia She came to live in Israel when she was 18 back in 1998. Polina is a graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem.  

Besides art, Polina has another passion – studying and teaching about remedial qualities of herbs and natural healing methods.

She started to practice qi kong, yoga and meditation since a very early age. At the age of 25 she felt that this passion has to become more professional and she chose to focus on helping people to improve their life quality. To develop her skills she went to workshops for massage techniques, herbalism, Thai chi, meditation. Part of the courses she did in Riedman college for integrative medicine.

“I see aromatherapy as a new powerful tool to connect, first of all, to connect to yourself, your body, your emotions, to connect to nature and others, and by being able to connect, we can influence and improve. Pure essential oils directly connect to brain and soul,” says Polina.

In Hebrew, the word “neshama” (soul) and “neshima” (breath) are the words with the same root.

“Scents and fragrances enter the body through the nose, thus making a clear connection in Hebrew between the word “breath” (neshima), which gives life to the body, and the word “soul” (neshama), representing both the spirit and the individual personality of a person”, explains Polina.

The same idea is shared by Chaim Bentorah, Bible researcher, who writes “the soul fills the entire body, and when a person sleeps, it rises to draw down life from above”.

“What I love about aromatherapy is this combination of spiritual and scientific. On the one hand, we are dealing with something very delicate and divine- the very essence, the soul of the plant, while on the other hand we can look in the microscope and explore these substances with their rich chemical profile. So they are exactly like conventional drugs with the only difference that they provided by mother nature”, explains Polina.

Polina uses doTERRA oils to treat her clients. She finds the most suitable and healthy for personal hygiene, skin care, emotional support, immune support, and even for cooking.

“There are three main ways to use essential oils- aromatically, topically and internally, but to be able to do that one need to be 1000% sure in the quality and purity of the oils. I was searching for the company that I could trust, and that is the reason why I collaborate with doTERRA. These guys are obsessed with the quality of their oils, and they have all the resources to provide the world with the best revolutionary essential oils”, continues Polina. 

doTERRA oils are believed to help people who suffer from anxiety, stress, digestion problems, headaches, depression, loss of motivation, viruses, and even hyperactivity.

For example, doTERRA consultants recommend to use Frankincense or Lavender to relax, Peppermint or Basil to focus, specific oil blends like Balance to feel grounded or secure, Neroli, Jasmine or Wild Orange oil to feel empowered and sexual attraction.

“I love consulting people individually and providing them with their daily wellness plan with doTERRA oils depending on their needs, I also do group workshops on different topics like cooking with oils, massage techniques, emotional aromatherapy”, concludes Polina. 

She is available to offer individual sessions on how to use oils for well being, also group seminars. She speaks fluently 3 languages – Hebrew, English and Russian. Connect her at


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