Meet Haifa People: Fani Cohn, a modernist sculptor from Romania

Fani Cohn, a modernist sculptor from Romania, immigrated to Israel back in 1970s. She was born in 1935 in Romania.
From childhood, she has demonstrated outstanding technical abilities and skills. She studied and worked in road engineering and at the same time she reached out to various arts and crafts. Her focus on sculpture began with her immigration to Israel.

She settled in Haifa, where she studied and studied in various frameworks, including sculpture workshops at the WIZO-Canada School of Arts. At the same time, Cohn worked for a period of time under the guidance of the veteran sculptor Lia David-Zuaf.

“Cohn deals with the delicate inner balance of the sculpture, as well as movement and movement potential inherent in the material itself, while in the bronze work the discussion is more extreme and prominent, while in the terracotta, the force resides in dynamic texture and inherent vitality. In the course of working with the concepts of movement and form, a process of striving and reaching the abstract, expressed in sculptures such as “a single sailor” or “dilemma” or “dancing bird” (most of them were made towards the end of the 90s, 2000) In contrasting but also overlapping forces of dynamism and concretization”, describes Irena Gordon, art curator.

Haifisha has got permission to publish 5 photos of Fani Cohn’s sculptures at the photo gallery as part of the theme – Meet Haifa People, that introduces the readers with the people, who create art, opportunities, communities and possibilities.

You can see more works by Fani Cohn at her website here.

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