May 15 – Haifa Feminist Center: “Women and men, work and money” – lecture and discussion.

How do economic policies and gender socialization affect the lives of men and women? And what are the strategies we can employ to reach economic security, both as individuals and as a society in general?

The participants will discuss factors affecting the economic status of women and men, and the strategies used to achieve greater economic security.
The lecture will analyze how the past elections will affect the well-being of those living in Israel and the situation of women and men.

Organizer of the lecture – “Morashtenu – our heritage”, lecturer – Asia Istoshina, member of Isha L’Isha Center (Haifa Feminist Center).

The lecture and discussion will be held in Russian.

Address: Arlozorov, 118 Haifa.

Time: 19:00

More info is available here.

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