June 17: One Day Volunteering event for Haifa

Join the special and important event – cleaning of Atlit beach. This magical sandy beach is also a nature reserve that houses a variety of marine wildlife Sadly, litter can be found all along this beautiful shore – bottles, plastic bags and other trash items that don’t belong there. Volunteers will join efforts, together with the help of Israel Park and Nature Authority, and restore this magnificent place back to its natural state.

*** With bus ride from the Technion to the beach and back! ****

Then as is the organizer’s motto – enjoy a picnic at the beach. Please bring with you an item of food and drink to share.

***Spots are limited due to space limitations,so pre-registration in advance is necessary***

Please note that while OneDay is all about come when you want and how you want, if you do sign up for our events we please ask that you reserve that part of your day for us.

Within 4 days before the event you will receive a confirmation email approving your registration as long as the spots have not all been taken.

More info available here.

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