Hubspot Summer Camp: quick takeaways, part 1 – Technical Setup

In 2019 I was appointed as a new operations manager to a fintech company during a transition time. With my new role, I inherited from the previous management the Hubspot pro platform subscription for two years and a dysfunctional sales and marketing teams that were trying to work together across different time zones. We had no idea how to use “this damn expensive Hubspot”. 

I wish I had this session 12 months ago when I started my challenging job of marrying sales and marketing while managing a remote support team.  

It took me nine months to figure out the basic setups, 1080+ emails and calls to my web admins, change of 2 sales teams; 280 bank hours of paid Hubspot consulting to nail down what Resa and Gal have condensed into a five weeks summer session. 

Since we are all functioning in a fast-paced environment of online work, I would like to contribute to the Hubspot tribe by making a summary of highlights and quick takeaways from our Cacao Media Hubspot Summer Camp. 

Before we move on, please, remember that this session is intended for Hubspot pro users, who have professional or enterprise subscription to the platform.  

This summary will allow you to: 

  • Make shortcuts and focus on the sections that you need according to your specific current needs; 
  • Use it as a condensed reference material to address FAQs from your team members or users you consult  

However, I do encourage you to watch the full session to use the Hubspot as a pro and avoid many mistakes in the future. 

If you still ask yourself why you need to watch this session or use Hubspot at all, here are my 4 Whys for using Hubspot: 

  1. Hubspot gives you a one-stop-shop solution 
  2. Hubspot is a unique umbrella platform for sales, marketing and support teams to work together as a holistic organization  
  3. Hubspot provides easy and fast management of information for remote working teams 
  4. Hubspot is as good as the technical setup and data you put inside as you move along with your documented processes across sales, marketing and support fields 

The full summary (timestamps) of the Cacao Media Hubspot Summer Camp’s first session from July 14th – Technical setup is available for signed up participants. Check the link for more information. 

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