How to become a leading marketing professional in Israel

English speaking immigrants in Israel choose digital marketing as a conventional career path. Native English language skills help them to stand out from local professionals even despite poor Hebrew. Moreover, the best marketing technology solutions are released in the English language, so it is easy to learn them using the original online sources. According to data from 2019, there are more than 6000 startups in Israel selling products and services online with the help of English speaking marketing professionals. 

Even during this COVID 19 pandemic, when most companies have cut their operational costs, marketing vacancies are the most widely advertised on job-seeking platforms such as Glassdoor and Linkedin.  

It is easy to secure marketing -related employment in Israel provided you are a native English speaker; in fact, this is the most common entry requirement listed on job descriptions. 

 I have interviewed Resa Gooding, Co-founder and Client Services Director of Cacao Media with offices in Tel Aviv, New York, and Nairobi. Resa is a self-taught Hubspot expert and a successful entrepreneur. I wanted to learn about Resa’s journey from a math teacher to a leading marketing professional in Israel.

Today Resa consults top hi-tech companies not only in Israel but also abroad and is teaching and building an international team of Hubspot experts. I hope her story will inspire the readers of my blog, just like it inspired me to succeed as a new immigrant in Israel. 

Resa very kindly spent an hour with me to do the interview. Please click the link to read the interview.

Photo: Cacao Media

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