Help local businesses to strive after lockdown

Dear Haifisha readers,

It has been a while since I have posted. As the whole world went to lockdown, Haifisha paused to see how things evolve with time.

Unfortunately, the pandemic hit not only our health conditions but financial ones even harder. The temporary pause put the small business owners in a bind, deciding whether to continue or lockdown for good. Most of these small businesses are the ones who create the atmosphere and exclusive, unique character of our home cities and the country in general.
Haifisha is a socially-oriented community project and will always remain that way. Despite Haifisha originating as a place to announce offline social events for English speakers in Haifa, Haifsha also serves as an online information platform for those who like to read, learn, and share online.

Therefore, I would like to do my part to help local businesses to recover from lockdown. So, from May 20th to June 20th, Haifisha will collect information about small cafes, shops and kiosks that continue to serve the clients with smile and dedication to the service and quality despite all the difficulties. These will be featured on our site along with their stories.
Please, if you know any of such businesses that you want to showcase under the campaign “Support small businesses in Haifa”, write to Haifisha at The campaign is limited to informational support in English and online. The stories will be published for free. It is best if the owners of the businesses speak and write English fluently.

Yours, Nadya (Haifisha)

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