Haifisha recommends: visit Yad LaKashish, a charity that embodies everything that Israel stands for

Planning Hannukah holidays with kids? Looking for Israeli made souvenirs and art-making social entrepreneurs? Then we recommend you to visit Yad LaKashish, a charity in Jerusalem. It is one of a kind organization.

Yad LaKashish helps to empower elderly people through artistic work and sells handmade souvenirs of Israeli themes both at their shop in Jerusalem and online.



Founded in 1962, Yad LaKashish provides stimulating work opportunities, a warm community environment, and invaluable support services for hundreds of needy elderly from Jerusalem, many of whom are physically challenged. They all part of Israel`s lowest socio-economic sector, and the majority are immigrants from the Former Soviet Union, Ethiopia and South America.

Yad LaKashish strives to understand and meet the needs of this unique, aging population, valuing each individual’s background while empowering every participant with new skills and a strong sense of purpose. By creating an inspirational environment infused with dignity and respect, Yad LaKashish simultaneously supports the old and educates the young.


All money from the shop goes to help the self-funded center and elderly people. The center also organizes tourist visits to their center, which looks like small moshav with different little-attached houses where people can paint, craft, sew, knit, make pottery, work with paper, wood and glass. It is a unique opportunity to witness a social justice project in action.


You can also choose to be a volunteer.

Yad LaKashish depends on the help and energy of our wonderful volunteers. If you’re spending a few months in Jerusalem, please do consider volunteering with us.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Workshops: Working side-by-side with the elderly artisans and helping the workshop leaders with the needs of the workshop.
  • Tour Guiding: Help share the message of Yad LaKashish with the public by showing visitors around the workshops and introducing them to our elderly! (Sunday through Thursday, morning hours only.)
  • Gift Shop: Help organize and sell the beautiful handmade products in the gift shop (Sunday-Thursday, 9am-4pm and Friday, 9am-1pm)

The organization is located just minutes from central tourist district and Jerusalem’s Old City. The visits are suitable for a variety of groups sizes, ages, and backgrounds, including schools, churches, synagogues, families, youth, groups, lone travelers and more. 

Thousands of visitors of all ages from around the world come to Yad LaKashish every year to meet the elderly artisans and witness tzedakah in action. Yad LaKashish endeavors to create a meeting ground for the young and old, where they can interact with and learn from one another. Yad LaKashish also enjoys a steady flow of volunteers – from schoolchildren to pensioners – who work beside the artisans and staff.

Here are the contacts: www.lifeline.org.il,  tel. +97226287829 (PR person – Batsheva, speaks English). 

Address: Shivtey St. , 14, Jerusalem. 


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