Gvahim TechHeights Program for Olim is Operating in Haifa Now

Gvahim developed a pre-Aliyah program to connect this demand to the potential Olim and returning citizens who are exploring employment opportunities in Israel.

The program offers:

Assessment with an Aliyah Consultant (phone or skype)

One-on-one meetings with a professional career consultant

Webinars about the Israeli market

CV adapted to the Israeli Market

Job offers from Gvahim’s network

Access to Gvahim’s network



In order to be eligible to apply for the Software Engineers Career Program:
• You hold at least one academic Degree (Bachelors, License, etc) in:
Computer science or engineering, or QA, IT, or other technology-based disciplines
• One of the following cases applies:
– you are considering making Aliyah
– you are returning or immigrating to Israel within the next 6 months
– you made Aliyah up to 10 years ago

About Gvahim:

Gvahim is a non-profit organisation providing new immigrants and returning residents with the essential platform to find employment or build start-ups or companies in Israel, reflecting and enhancing their experience and qualifications. We maximise the contribution of international talents to the Israeli society and strengthen Israel’s human capital. More information can be found at www.gvahim.org.il

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