Gurdjieff Movements Retreat in Vertigo Art Village: May 11-15, 2021

Gurdjieff Movements Retreat is a 5-day awareness workshop for seeking clarity and a genuine connection between mind and body. The participants will learn 5-6 meditative and harmonious dances created by George Gurdjieff, an Armenian philosopher and mystic in the 19th century. It will take place in Vertigo Eco Art Village located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in Israel’s rural Ellah Valley.

The Movements are also known as ‘Sacred Dances”. “Even though we will be spending the majority of our time learning “movements”, this is not a dance workshop – and I am not a dance teacher! Gurdjieff created the dances to create in us what he called “presence of being”, said  Jivan Sunder, teacher of the Gurdjieff Movements.

Gurdjieff Movements consist of over 200 dances set to music, also written by Gurdjieff. According to the movement’s followers across the world, Gurdjieff created the Movements as a method of waking us up to our full potential

The method works purely through the body and mind connection, using the medium of dance. The movements – precise sequences of positions intended to help concentrate on the body and be aware of the present.

“When we become more aware of our reality, we start living our life from a more authentic place. The Movements are what we may call awareness work. Awareness work functions primarily through seeing: seeing clearly who we are; once we begin to see who we are, and simply say yes to that, without any judgment or opinion about what we see, then this opens up the opportunity for changes to occur in our life – not that we have to actively find means to change, not that we have to do something actively; rather change occurs naturally through our understanding and our awareness”, explained Jivan.    

Trained in humanistic psychology and counselling Jivan Sunder has been teaching and practising the Movements for nearly 30 years, trained by teachers from the Bennett lineage. During the 90s, he was based in India, and for over ten years, he taught at Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India. 

Jivan has travelled to many different countries giving workshops and Retreats – UK, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, India, China, Hong Kong,Taiwan, the US and Costa Rica. 

Since 2006 he has been based in Israel, but for the last over 10 years, up until the COVID pandemic, he taught almost exclusively in China.

More information about the method and the teacher can be found here.

Please register at the event by contacting Jivan Sunder at; tel: +972 524 862125, or leave a message at the event’s page on Facebook.

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