Flora and Fauna of Haifa: 5 photos of Lara Sharyer speak louder than 500 words

Haifisha opens its first online photo gallery – See Haifa Places in collaboration with a photographer – Lara Sharyer from Haifa.

Lara and her husband made aliyah 14 years ago from Kharkov (Ukraine) after their grown-up sons came to live in Israel. In the past Lara was a veterinary doctor at the Kharkov Zoo.

“Having worked more than 14 years with animals in the zoo in Ukraine, when I moved to Israel, I decided to discover the world of flora and fauna. I travel a lot to all the places around Israel, where the public transports get or join local excursion groups. I love it. I know almost all the trees and plants in our area, in Haifa,” says Lara.

Haifa could not be a better place for someone like Lara, who loves to travel in the countryside and to take photos. Lara shares her photos in different online social groups dedicated to Haifa and its community. By doing this, she feels like sharing her love to Haifa and to the local nature.

This November Lara Sharyer and her art partner Elena Shem Tom will be opening their first joint exposition of painting and photos “Landscape” and “Birds of Israel”. The exposition opens on November 14 AT 19.00 at art-cafe “Zebra” at Chernikhovsky Str., 39, Haifa. You are all welcome to attend!

Now let Lara’s photos speak about Haifa’s flora and fauna…

Cāpparis. May 2018. Haifa.

Commelina. October 2018. Haifa


Metrosíderos. May 2018. Haifa.


Cereus Peruvianus. July, 2018. Haifa.


Opuntia. May 2018. Near Haifa.

You can see more photos at Lara Sharyer’s Facebook page here. 

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