February 7: Open Space for Haifa Social Entrepreneurship Community

The launch of the community will take place in a non-conference model, where participants set the agenda and the content through the open space method.

Participants will be able to meet social entrepreneurs, managers of nonprofits, philanthropists and social investors, decision-makers at City Hall, volunteers and social activists.

The conference is free and open to all, but is subject to pre-registration here.

When: February, 7 from 17:30-21:30

Where: Kiryat Sefer, 25 Haifa

Event’s Facebook page – here.

The event is hosted by Ashoka Israel.

About Ashoka Israel

For over 30 years Ashoka (NGO) has been identifying, nurturing and connecting entrepreneurs in fields such as education, health, environment, human rights. The organization has supported more than 2,500 people and projects in 72 countries. “In the spirit of Ashoka International, Ashoka Israel means to foster collaborations with field leaders throughout Israel, the Jewish world and well beyond it. It will identify promising local visionaries and provide them with the tools, opportunities, and financial assistance they need – thus generating a force that can give titanic impetus to social initiatives in Israel – and worldwide”.

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