February 22: Haifa Beach Clean with Plastic Free Israel

Winter storms are coming to an end, the sea has been constantly spewing trash on to our beaches. Plastic Free Israel community is inviting to get out there and clean it up before it’s washed away again!

When? February 22 from 10.00-23.00

Where? Hof HaCarmel beach area, Haifa.

Check events’ FB page here to register.

Participants will have opportunity to meet cool people and have fun while helping to heal our planet.

Save a turtle, clean the beach! Unfortunately turtles sometimes mistake plastic bags for jellyfish (a yummy snack for them!). As algae starts to grow on plastic floating in the sea it starts to smell like food for all the other fish and creatures swimming around. Let’s help reduce the amount of plastic they are consuming.

The volunteers will meet by the surf shack that is just between sun beach and student beach! It’s just a 10 minute walk south from Hof Hacarmel station. There is also plenty of parking there! Bring a friend!

About Plastic Free Israel

Plastic Free Israel aims to educate, motivate and inspire individuals to be role models for each other. The members of the community research and share up-to-date information about pollution in Israel and around the world and are working hard to find partners and products that offer sustainable, locally available solutions and alternatives.

Plastic Free Israel is not an organization, a non-profit, a business or a charity. It is a grassroots movement run by some very dedicated volunteers who rely on the wonderful support of relevant communities (local, international and social media based) and the contribution of companies willing to support our cleanups. If you’re interested in volunteering, collaborating, hosting a cleanup or just have some ideas for the page – please feel free to message.

Photos: Plastic Free Israel

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