December 5-15: Annual Holiday of Holidays (Hag Hagim) in Haifa

Traditional festival of coexistence of different religions, cultures, cuisine, and views will take place in Haifa for the 25th time.  The festival aims to break barriers and building trust between different nationalities and ethnic and religious groups in Haifa and Israel. Every year, visitors from all over the country come to the festival to participate in a colorful celebration of music, poetry, theater, literature, art and more. The festival is the initiative of Beit Hagefen – the Arab-Jewish Cultural Center and the Municipality of Haifa, which began in 1993. This year it will expand beyond the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood and the events will also take place in the German Colony.

More details, discounted tickets and a full program available at the festival’s website:



December, 6 Festive Opening Event at Haifa Auditorium:

19:00 Around the Day in 80 Worlds – Performances Shira, Dance, and Acting – Mot Pour Mot – Marseille group, with Roni Someck, Yankele Pilzer and Rabia Khoury. The show is in Arabic and French.
20:00 Omri – A festive concert of the Fürket El Nour Orchestra, with the singers Violet Salame, Raymond Abekis and Natalie Peretz. At the end of the show – a cocktail.
60 NIS Early sale, 80 NIS instead, at Haifa Auditorium, 138 Hanassi Ave.

December 7

This year, marking the 25th anniversary of the festival, the Beit Hagefen Center will inaugurate a new space, “The Third Space: A Space for Art and Education”. Space is the new wing of the Beit Hagefen Gallery that will offer an audience of experiences that combine works of art and activities that focus on acquiring skills for life in a multi-cultural society.
A festive opening event at 7.12 at 14:00. (At the same time, the exhibition “Tzel Harim” – Beit Hagefen Gallery)

December 7 at 21.30 – Around the day in eighty worlds – performance, singing, dance and acting – Mot Pour Mot – Marseille group, with Roni Someck, Yankele Pilzer and Rabia Khoury. The show is in Arabic and French.
Open to the public – Beit Hagefen Theater – Hatziyonut Boulevard 33 Haifa

December 9 at 19:30 – “In the absence of men called the rooster Abu Ali” – a launching party for the book by Avshalom Farjun and Buthana Shehade – a magnificent musical celebration featuring the best artists from ethnic music and world music in Israel.
Open to the public – Beit HaGefen Theater – HaTsiyonut Boulevard 33 Haifa

December 12 at 20:00 – Media Noche – The Haifa Salsa community at a Cuban Salsa party . Lessons and dancing accompanied by instructors and dancers.
Open to the public – Beit Hagefen Theater, Hatzionut Ave 33

December 16 at 20:00 –  The Oriental Rhymes – a traditional ethnic dance and music show from China
open to the public – Beit Hagefen Theater, Hatzionut Ave 33

December 29 at 18: 00– Mass Haydn’s Theresa gala
with the participation of the vehicle Aorfiaod and Choir, conducted by Ronen Borsibski
soloists: soprano – Noor Darwish al – Dima Bagheri, tenor – Liran Koppen, bass – Yoav Weiss
plan – Dvorak – Serenade tool Keshet / Haydn – Massa Teresa
60 ₪ Early sale, 80 NIS on purchase The Catholic Church, Ein Dor 23

Tours to the public:

A graffiti tour – Friday, December 7 at 10 am – New! 
Participants will meet the graffiti community, learn how important it is to create a public space and how to cope with the tension between forbidden and permitted to continue to exist.
60 ₪ Early purchase on site 80 NIS when purchased locally

Tour from black to green – Fridays 7,14,21 / 12 at 10 am – New! 
On the morning of November 24, 2016, Haifa  turned from green to black and boisterous. In a new premiere tour, agronomists Hanoch Burger and Khaled Hamoud will lead the visitors following the damage of the Haifa fire to a meeting with the restoration of an urban grove. 40 NIS in advance purchase. Purchase on site

Art and tasting tour : between art and culinary arts – Fridays 7,14,21 / 12 Saturdays 8,15,21 / 12 at 11:00 and 14:00 – New! 
A new tour combining art and cooking art. After a visit to our new and experiential space – the third space, straight to Wadi Nisnas – to explore unique artworks that have been placed in the Wadi during the 25 years of the holiday festival, and small restaurants serving local, fresh and delicious flavors. To hear and hear the story of the wonderful neighborhood that was preserved almost as it looked until 1948, and now combines the authentic and the old with the young and the new. 60 ₪ Early purchase on site 80 NIS when purchased locally

Meet at home: Lunch – Saturdays 8:15 / 12 at 12:30 New! 
Wadi al-Jamal neighborhood – Ein Hayam is a mixed and colorful neighborhood at the foot of Mount Carmel. As part of the holiday celebrations, residents of the neighborhood open the door to their home and invite you to come and get to know the neighborhood and its special character, characterized by a communal and tolerant existence, around the family dinner table, an authentic lunch in the tradition of the host family. ₪ 80 Early purchase on the site 100 NIS Purchase on site

Inspirational Women’s Day Tour – Friday: December 7, 21, 9: 30 New! 
Who are the Haifa women who make Haifa? Feminists, activists, artists?

Between the Carmel and the sea are the images of strong, strong, active Haifa women – for the sake of the community and for themselves, with a fascinating and inspiring life story.
Come to know the feminine side of Haifa in a tour that will begin in the center of the Carmel in a meeting with Dr. Hana Safran – peace activist, feminism and pride
Duration: 3 hours 110 NIS

Tour of open houses – experience in the Wadi – Fridays 7,14,21 Saturdays 8,15,22 hours: 10:00 12:30
People who remember the neighborhood as it used to be when Arabs and Jews cooked together in the courtyard of the building, with Arabic and Yiddish mixed together in a mixture of local languages that could only be heard in Haifa. Meet the Wadi Nisnas through the people who open the door and invite you in, drink coffee, hear a story, ask questions. The tour lasts two hours. 70 ₪ Early purchase on site Purchase on site

Christmas Tour – Thursday 13 + 20 16:30 | 17:30
When you say Haifa in December, it feels totally like Christmas
Visitors will tour in Haifa with a European flavor, between the decorated streets, the illuminated Christmas trees, the churches and the private homes that flicker in colorful colors.
70 ₪ early purchase – 90 NIS at site purchase

More details, discounted tickets and a full program available at the festival’s website:

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