December 13: Anglo Adventures Israel – Haifa December Get-Together Evening

Haifa Anglo Adventures would like to invite all English Speakers in and around Haifa, for a get-together on December 13 at 19:30 Cafe Brussels – Moriya Boulevard 13, Haifa.

If you want to join, please, join the group Anglo Adventures in Israel – Haifa to sign and get details.

Everyone is welcome!

About the group:

Group of Anglos in Israel Adventures – Haifa and area started on October 18, 2017 at the first offline get-together event. We are a group of English speaking residents of Haifa and area, who are willing to socialize, do activities together and share ideas to make our lives fulfilling and interesting in Israel. The group will meet once a month regularly at different places like a private house, cafes, clubs, parks etc. The Facebook group serves as a platform to discuss date and time of such regular meetings and also to plan other social activities in subgroups depending on different interests: cinema nights, lectures, hiking, painting, writing, eating out, dog walking etc. Please, abstain from any commercial advertising and other non-sufficient information publishing. All the best and let’s enjoy together meaningful, fun and respectful social interaction!

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