December 13. An orientation meeting for participants of Hebrew Ulpan at Tveria 15

Right now the Hebrew ulpan enthusiasts have 6 people who confirmed their arrival – if they don’t have at least 10, the course will not start. If you wish to attend the course, please confirm your arrival at the orientation meeting, which will take place this Friday, December 13th, at 9:30 am, in Tveria 15. Send an email to in order to confirm

As we prepare to organize the course and the levels, we would like to share some details and invite you to an orientation meeting, in which you will also be tested on your Hebrew level.
The Ulpan will have two levels, beginners and advanced, each level will have 4 hours of lessons every week, that is 16 hours per month. The Ulpan costs 570 NIS a month per student – that includes using the classroom and the payment for the teacher. That is 35.5 NIS an hour per student. The cost does not include a one-time payment for the class book, which costs 137 NIS. The minimum students we require per course is 7, so if you have friends that are interested, please bring them to the orientation meeting, and have them fill their details on this form:…/1FAIpQLScplCNquQdoDsLgl8…/viewform
If you are interested in joining the Tveria 15 Ulpan, on any level, please come to the orientation meeting which will take place on Friday, December 13th, at 9:30 am, in Tveria 15. Please bring pens or pencils with you. The orientation meeting is at no cost.
Please send an email to the following address: | Tomer Talmor and let us know if you like us to reserve a seat for you in the orientation meeting. Those who do not reply, will not be counted in.

Thank you!

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