Community House at Tveria, 15

There is a mansion in the lower town of Hadar at Tveria, 15, which is outstanding from other buildings. One would think it is a museum or some sort of a fancy art place. When you enter you see the very homey atmosphere and cozy simplicity that says it is not a fancy art museum – indeed it is a community house!

As it is with many functional houses, there is a kitchen, where you can serve yourself to community coffee or tea, or even find a piece of cake that was left after previous visitors. Feel free to enjoy just do not forget to clean after yourself.

You can take your cup of tea and sit in the living room space, where you can find a nice collection of books in all sorts of languages, including English, Hebrew, German, Arabic. If you have a company choose one of the table games and go for a chess or card games! Lovely place to meet your neighbors, make friends, appoint meetings or just feel part of the local community.

The house used to be a home for wealthy Arab family, who was one of the founders of Nazi movement in Palestine of British Mandate. After the establishment of the state of Israel, the family left to Lebanon. The mansion saw a number of different owners until it became the property of Haifa municipality. Among its residents were famous artists, poets, public figures. Later ur became abandoned house inhabited by local homeless and drug addicts. After a long ordeal and attempts to demolish the mansion it was acquired by local city group “Hadar” and in 2005 turned into a lovely community center with the help of American philanthropists.

Today a mansion at Tveria 15 is a real community space that is open, first of all, to all people in the neighborhood, who like to come for table games, meetings with each other, communal talks, yoga classes, reading while waiting for a friend, lecturers or just to make themselves sandwich or shakshuka during busy work days.

You can see here old and young, people of different nationalities – expats, olim hadashim. tourists, visitors of Haifa from other cities or local veterans. The door of the mansion is always open. On warmer days you can enjoy outside terrace or roof, where movies are shown. Truly a communal place! Check the local community board to see what events are on. There is always something happening there or you might even suggest doing your own community event.

If you happen to be in Hadar area and need a place to meet a friend or just feel like bonding with locals – remember this address – Tveria 15.

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