April 12: Traditional free exchange market at Anicha

The exchange market is a community, environmental and social event held by the Anicha – Vintage & Second hand boutique store in Haifa.

The goal of the market is to share whatever we have that is no longer in use.
After all, each of us has piles of extra items at home,
so let’s share them for free and give them another chance to reuse.

So, how does it work?
Each brings items that she does not need – it is important to bring items in good condition, that can be reused. Everything can be brought: clothing, accessories, books, household items, jewelry, items for children and men – anything.
Each one may take up to 15 items from the market space only (not items belonging to the Aniche store). Entry to the market is free of charge.

You can bring refreshments to have something to snack and of course bring children to enjoy the experience.
As in every event, enjoy the cool and rhythmic music by DJ – Eli Maman !

Time: 09.00-14.00.

Address: 5 Derech Hayam, Carmel Center, Haifa

Event’s Facebook page – check.

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