October 17 – Israeli Film Day: what and when to watch in Haifa cinemas

Each year, on Israeli Cinema Day, cinephiles are able to watch locally produced films for only 10 NIS. The first-ever Israel Cinema Day was announced on September 3, 2014.

Among the films Haifaits can enjoy this Wednesday are “The Other Story” (18.00) that will be shown tonight at  Tikotin Museum PF Japanese Art (HaNassi Blvd 89) and “The Cakemaker”  (19.00) at Haifa Auditorium (Mahanayim St 7).

“The Other Story”, a family drama from acclaimed Israeli director Avi Nesher. The Jerusalem-based film centers on two young women, one seeking the safe confines of religion, the other desperate to escape her religious upbringing. Based on a true story.

Jerusalem Post:

A gripping, touching and unpredictable story about a troubled father-daughter relationship that weaves in the conflicts between secular and ultra-Orthodox Israelis, a struggle that is so central to Israeli life but rarely the focus of fiction.

“The Cake Maker”, a German-Israeli story co-produced by first-time filmmaker Ofir Raul Graizer.


Graizer’s film is more than a love story, but a musing on contemporary German-Israeli relations and the present and past ghosts that haunt those relationships. Thomas’ private, meticulous approach to his pastries contrasts with the religious and communal traditions that shape Oren and Anat’s culinary traditions in Jerusalem. In The Cakemaker, food is not only the bridge between cultures  but the bond connecting lives in the midst of change and loss.

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