November 9-10: FREE TREK – Winds of the Judean Desert

New Age Trekking is proud to present the first FREE TREK in Israel!

What is it all about?
The New Age Free Trek is a hiking tour, aimed to those free spirits, who want to explore Israel in the most genuine way.
In our Treks, we show the beautiful diverse landscapes of Israel, the mixture of cultures we have here, and the amazing people along the road.

The Treks Are Guided by the New Age Trekking Team: Ori and Idan.
A couple of licensed tour guides, who wanted to create a different kind of tourism in Israel. A vivid, young and accessible atmosphere for people who think and travel outside the box.
New Age Trekking community is now a family of over 500 Trekkers, from Israel and from all around the world.

On a Free Trek, We are in charge of the guidance, arrangements and bringing beautiful people together.
You only need to show up!

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FREE TREK – Winds of the Judean Desert
November 9-10, 2018

Trek Itinerary:

Friday, November 9, 2018
Meeting in Arad at 8:30AM and quickly begin the hike down Wadi Tavia. This little creek is narrow and scenic, it flows mainly during flash floods, and fills the dents with living water. We’ll enter an ancient manmade waterhole which is still used by local Bedouins. Then, we’ll hike up Kidod ridge and get some amazing Judean Desert and Dead Sea views.
We’ll spend the night stargazing at Arad Park.
Online trail map:

Saturday, November 10, 2018
The second trail is Wadi Kinna. This is a stunning hike which combines scenic views of the south-east desert of Israel, a challenging walk, dry waterfalls and some nice Acacia trees. We’ll try to become one with the gigantic wilderness and also talk about human traces in the desert. Ancient ones and future ones.
Online trail map:

General stats:
Hiking level: Mid-High
Total distance: 20KM
Total ascent: 550M
Total descent: 550M
Meeting point: The town of Arad (exact point will be sent on the WhatsApp group)
Meeting at: 8:30AM, Friday November 9, 2018
Estimated finish: 18:00PM, Friday November 10, 2018

Hiking format:
This is a FREE Trek. Meals, water, equipment and transportation- on your responsibility!
***Trekkers will be able to join a Whatsapp group, for carpools, public transportation info and gear borrowings.

*All participants must have the essential equipment, as written in the sign-up form.
*Participants are obligated to be responsible for their own and others’ safety.
*The company’s standard insurance covers third party injuries, professional liability, and outdoor recreation.
*participants must be 18+ years old.

Please click the following link, and fill in the form:

We will send you a file containing all the information you need (public transportation, essential gear, schedule…)
In addition, we will contact you personally, for any further clarifications.
*limited amount of participants, the first ones to sign up will have more chances to be in the group.

Check out our Trekking schedule:

Contacts: Ori Reiss (+972)-54-4227948; Idan Attia (+972)-52-8766420. FB page – here.

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