February 21: Hot soup and table games evening at Tveria, 15 Community House

Before the sun goes back to its own round and still feel the rain running off the rooftops, Tveria, 15 Community House residents will gather for final round of winter for soups and games.
There will be a host of board games – social games like Uno, Monopoly, Emmy, checkers, submarines, Katan and many other games we all love. And you are invited to bring your own games.
There will be a bunch of delicious soups!!! Everyone is also invited to bring his secret soup from home.
What’s in the plan?
20: 00 – Gathering and tasting
know new people, experience new games and even – room for Russian games!!
22:00- Wrap up and exchange numbers
Admission is free!
Waiting to see you on 21.02.18, Thursday at 20:00 in Tveria, 15.

Sign up at event’s Facebook page here.

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