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Gurdjieff Movements Retreat in Vertigo Art Village: May 11-15, 2021

Gurdjieff Movements Retreat is a 5-day awareness workshop for seeking clarity and a genuine connection between mind and body. The participants will learn 5-6 meditative and harmonious dances created by George Gurdjieff, an Armenian philosopher and mystic in the 19th century. It will take place in Vertigo Eco Art Village located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in Israel’s rural Ellah Valley.

Israeli start-ups join a global online program to democratize the MBA education

When it comes to business success, it’s easy to think that only people with a genius idea or high IQ can reach the top. But I notice that many established business leaders say the key to their success is the right attitude. It is all about having a growth mindset, a dream and sticking to the right people who will lift you, believe and say: “you can do it!”

The Rosh Hashana gifts you can buy to support Israeli small businesses

In less than two weeks, Jews in Israel and across the world will be celebrating Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year (5781). A single purchase of a gift for this Rosh HaShana can save our ability to believe in community cooperation and little miracles! Wishing you a Happy Rosh HaShana and a very lucky shopping!

Tripping in Israel: locals share unique travel spots

You won’t find in this group those highly advertised cliche touristic attractions. Instead, you will read stories of local tourists who found original spots, discovered and recommended by local tourists, who travel as families, couples and groups.